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my new OC kaiju era part-59 :iconspacezillazon:spacezillazon 0 0
my new OC kaiju era part-58
                     Attack of the clones kaiju version part-1
At the monster DNA center underground secret base most top secret part of the base. The lead scientist said"every since ultraman,the other ultra's that followed and the kaiju or monsters that fought them there's a few kaiju that they fought we could use for instance ace killer with our special technology if a piece of armor we could make clone duplicate of ace killer or any other kaiju for that matter. So I propose we get as much dna from different kaiju over the years and make an armies like what the shadow organization or S.O have been doing for a while. so lets do that".
else where in Japan at Kyoto
Ultraman blaze landed down on the ground gently and said"since the gyoas have started to become scarce lately since the other bad kaiju have been killing them off in the skies and on the land,I wonder what made them want to start helping us good guys out?". all of a sudde
:iconspacezillazon:spacezillazon 0 0
godzilla 2,001 by spacezillazon godzilla 2,001 :iconspacezillazon:spacezillazon 7 4
my new OC kaiju era part-57
                    THE GYOAS WARS
At the Monster DNA center a lead scientist said"with darn monsters like the gyoas were gonna be food for those gyoas,so I propose we use a experimental new weapon that will make a new kaiju see his debut soon".
                           Else where
After Bloody missile punch landed on the island and looked around he saw thousands of his different kaiju armies and said"hear me my fellow kaiju as much hate allowing the gyoas and the good kaiju to roam free I've got a bad idea twister kaiju you are attack the gyoas use any means to destroy them in a territory you see fit now go!". the twister kaiju flew off all of them left and the spinobonezaurs said"our turn our turn". Bloody missile punch said"very well since you've got all armaments terror spinobonezaur since your the leader here you tell them what to do,I've got other plan and forc
:iconspacezillazon:spacezillazon 0 0
art trade-Rachel and alice
the sun was shining on the day of summer,clouds were white and fluffy and it was a start of a good day or week.
Rachel was taking a jog to home from work when she noticed a ticked booth. So she jogged a little further to the booth and the old man behind the counter was happy and said"greetings lady,do you want to try to win a trip to a resort?". Rachel nodded and the old man ducked behind the counter and pulled out a box and said"simply right a number down and put it in here and if I randomly choose it you get the trip sounds hard huh?". and so Rachel wrote the number two on a small piece of paper and dropped it in the box and the old man said"now I must warn you most of the time people don't win,it's a thing of chance!". and he moved the box of papers around with his hand in the box and pulled out and piece of paper and said"miss what was the number you chose?". And Rachel said"well I wrote down a two why?". the old man started to smile and said"well this is a first I rarely pick some
:iconspacezillazon:spacezillazon 1 0
Celloly by spacezillazon Celloly :iconspacezillazon:spacezillazon 3 6
Mature content
my new OC kaiju era part-56 :iconspacezillazon:spacezillazon 1 0
Mature content
my new OC kaiju era part-55 :iconspacezillazon:spacezillazon 0 0
my new OC kaiju era part-54
On a massive island
Iry stared at his vast armies of super gyoas and albino gyoas and other types of gyoas and he said"fellow gyoas now that all of you are fully grown,now is the time to attack all who oppose us but wound gamera enough so I can have an equal fight with him". And swarms of gyoas varying in size flew off to spread and kill and eat.
Else where on another island of destroyed monster zombies
Deathzilla looked down at the destroyed two zombie legions and and gyoas and said"these are the remains of where mantis kaiju were here so they must have done this and I found out my other forces I left on another island were torched badly it must have been that Ra Egypter since he is on his own side not allied with the bad kaiju alliance or the good kaiju". And Deathzilla heard noises and him and his zombie kaiju looked up and saw the largest gyoas swarm that the gyoas blocked out the sun and Deathzilla said"that can't be good,ready yourselves to day we fight and gain more zombie kaiju
:iconspacezillazon:spacezillazon 0 0
Mature content
my new OC kaiju era part-53 :iconspacezillazon:spacezillazon 0 2
Mutant Brachiosaur by spacezillazon Mutant Brachiosaur :iconspacezillazon:spacezillazon 6 68
Mature content
Lets fight :iconspacezillazon:spacezillazon 1 6
Mature content
my new OC kaiju era part-52 :iconspacezillazon:spacezillazon 0 0
Mature content
Deathris POV :iconspacezillazon:spacezillazon 0 0
Mature content
my new OC kaiju era part-51 :iconspacezillazon:spacezillazon 0 0
Mature content
fighting and war :iconspacezillazon:spacezillazon 0 8


Lizardness Among the Trees: COLORS by MuscleGod124
Mature content
Lizardness Among the Trees: COLORS :iconmusclegod124:MuscleGod124 73 12
Lizardness in the Jungle: COLORS by MuscleGod124
Mature content
Lizardness in the Jungle: COLORS :iconmusclegod124:MuscleGod124 55 15
Vegeta - SSJ God SSJ4 vs Whis (DB Super vs GT) by AlphaDBZ Vegeta - SSJ God SSJ4 vs Whis (DB Super vs GT) :iconalphadbz:AlphaDBZ 80 49 Mai Shiranui by OjosNocturnos Mai Shiranui :iconojosnocturnos:OjosNocturnos 253 19 Sit With One's Knees Up by saberkung
Mature content
Sit With One's Knees Up :iconsaberkung:saberkung 119 15
Shin'Godzilla ( NEO variant ) by Gabe-TKE Shin'Godzilla ( NEO variant ) :icongabe-tke:Gabe-TKE 307 125 Supercharged Shin-Gojira and Legendary Godzilla by AlmightyRayzilla Supercharged Shin-Gojira and Legendary Godzilla :iconalmightyrayzilla:AlmightyRayzilla 423 39 Gigan by King-Edmarka Gigan :iconking-edmarka:King-Edmarka 120 43 Guarding the Wing- Star Wars by Madboni Guarding the Wing- Star Wars :iconmadboni:Madboni 964 36 Star Wars Shaak Ti by REZ84
Mature content
Star Wars Shaak Ti :iconrez84:REZ84 821 60
Akasha Blackthorne: Egyptian Desire by Claudija
Mature content
Akasha Blackthorne: Egyptian Desire :iconclaudija:Claudija 30 28
Cassandra Delacroix: Sultry Cheetah Beauty by Claudija
Mature content
Cassandra Delacroix: Sultry Cheetah Beauty :iconclaudija:Claudija 20 47
Topless Cecilia by SpeedyHimura
Mature content
Topless Cecilia :iconspeedyhimura:SpeedyHimura 371 17
Magic is NSFW by Ms-Seven0
Mature content
Magic is NSFW :iconms-seven0:Ms-Seven0 267 10
Intense pleasure from another world by DoctorZexxck
Mature content
Intense pleasure from another world :icondoctorzexxck:DoctorZexxck 521 56
Beautiful black skin with huge boobs :) by adn700
Mature content
Beautiful black skin with huge boobs :) :iconadn700:adn700 37 3


I got into soul calibur 5 modding,friend is helping me on that.I still got way more chest pains then before
Oh let's see I'm in almost constant pains,have chest pains,I got the stupid one or as they stupidly named it xbox one
  • Listening to: my thoughts,movies,tv shows,games
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: computer screen/TV screen,website,game screen
  • Playing: SCV,demos,other games
  • Eating: anything I can find to eat
  • Drinking: water,cold water
1.Well my kaiju series progress is slowly getting to where i need it which I'm happy for.

2.I'm up for art trades but since I don't have a scanner i'll do stories like I did before,I just hope people will like my type of there's of writing for their character or characters!? so yeah there's that

3.Since people on youtube think 2014 zilla is so grat and have been bashing on the Japanese Godzilla. I dream of the 2014 in my kaiju series and that 2014 Zilla toho monsters,my own OC's will bash him in verbal and fights so there will be even,I found out the 2014 zilla is 106 meters compared to Destroyah 120 meters,destroyah could eat/beat 2014 zilla,I know people disagree with my on how stupid 2014 is like sounds etc.  But I'm still going through with it. I just hate 2014 zilla it's not going back to his roots truly because 1954 Godzilla doesn't care for humans,so 2014 zilla shouldn't care either but they made him care and bring balance to nature if 2014 zilla wants to brings balance to nature join mothra's bring balance to nature organization fine. But in the Japanese Godzilla movies he's been both good and bad but HE didn't care about bringing balance to nature since he's a force from nature mutated into a whatever meter size kaiju who's angry at "humanity" and rarely helps them as seen in the Japanese Godzilla movies,in fact it's the reverse for in the movies people need his help because there's not much of a chance if he didn't fight the bad kaiju as seen in the Godzilla movies so people owe Godzilla not Godzilla owing people got it!!!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I try to always be a good friend to anyone and sorry if I offend people that's not what I try to do at all.I hope that I can be good enough to be a friend to someone when I'm weak and useless

I'm a from Utah,Fillmore.

I love video games a lot and kaiju movies ans star wars and soul calibur series,halo series and lots of other stuff

I can be mean I can be angry but that side rarely shows up in less you really make me mad about somethings I absolutely hate such as Gollum from LOTR series,dumb troll faces and other stuff

I hate seeing blood and gore on movies and TV shows and I've got a weak stomach but when I'm in a different mood I can take watching it for awhile and it depends on the blood and gore or the heat of the room.

I'm an artist and also a kaiju inspired writer and I write stories I dream up. I also draw kaiju I dream up original OC's and other characters but mostly kaiju

I make silly joke when I see a certain comments I have to joke about just to be silly.I'm also depressed a lot and sad so jokes helps a tiny bit as well.I like comedy,action,I love sci fi but not the gross kind,adventure,animation,classic monster and other classic movies.

get to know me better by talking to me!


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